• Why should ladies wear foundation a little darker than their skin colour?

    Why not lighter than their skin colour?

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    10 thoughts on “Why should ladies wear foundation a little darker than their skin colour?

    • pirate_princess says:

      It’s supposed to blend and be as near to natural skin colour as possible, not lighter nor darker.

    • katie babii says:

      They don’t wanna look pale and to blend in the darker spots on their face if they have acne or a birthmark.

    • WrecklessBby; says:

      they shouldn’t though, it’s gross sometimes!
      but since some people can’t find their exact shade, and they don’t want to have a lighter shade, they to 1 step darker

    • iWonder says:

      Lighter makes you look pale, and dosent cover dark spots.

    • CarrieDoway says:

      They shouldnt wear foundation darker than their skin but unfortunately it seems to be the vogue to be tangoed and go around with an orangey mask on!

      Foundation should match your skintone as closely as possible, you should generally match it along your jawline as this is where you’ll see mismatched colours.

      It sometimes seems that girls use make up to change their appearance instead of using it to enhance it. . . I’d like to see the poor lads face when he realises that the face was fake along with the boobs after the wonderbra has come off. . . . . . talk about false advertising!! Lol

    • jinty says:

      It is supposed to match your skin colour but older ladies sometimes use one shade lighter than their skin colour to give a younger looking complexion.

    • Just-Mel says:

      whoever wears foundation should choose a color the exact same tone as their skin tone.
      this color may vary from season to season due to tanning and sun exposure etc. . .

      but overall the colors should match! otherwise someone may look either like a clown or have a very dark face that doesn’t match the rest of the body.

      I believe whoever does this thinks that a darker shade will give more coverage but it’s a myth.
      coverage depends on the product it self and not the shade.

    • Captain Harriet says:

      Why either? It’s wrong!

    • Lucie M says:

      you shouldn’t! It has to be as close to your skin tone as possible, the foundation is to help you even out your skin and make it flawless not to make it darker. If you are fair skin and want to look darker, try to go to the tanning salon or just use a bit of bronzer on your face and neck. Make sure you dont have a dark face and light neck or it will look like you wearing a mask. . . Go neutral for summer!

    • Izziie says:

      because lighter foundation makes spots and blemishes appear more than with darker foundation. i’m not really a fan of foundation so i wear mineral foundation, its really good and blends in perfectly!!!!

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