• Why does my nose start running after I put my foundation on?

    My nose always starts running after I put my foundation on – it doesn’t happen straight away. . . It’s usually about 10 minutes after. Random, I know, but it’s getting on my nerves because it messes up my make up and I’m always having to touch it up.

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    11 thoughts on “Why does my nose start running after I put my foundation on?

    • Daniel D says:


    • Esedfw says:

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    • Hanna123 says:

      you might have allergies towards an ingredient in the foundation, best thing to do it switch brands

    • luvali<3 says:

      that used to happen to a friend of mine, it was because she was allergic! i suggest you change foundations probably change companies if there formulas have the same basic ingradients. Or go to the doctor and get a blood check so they can check for allergies.
      good luck!

    • oldgrumpy says:

      There are lots of ingredients in modern cosmetics that can cause allergic reactions. In fact, some foundations etc can be positively harmful when used by susceptible people.
      Use with care !

    • Resolves says:

      sounds like an allergic reaction. You should switch to a different kind.

    • Julie B says:

      Must be an allergy. Has it always happened or just with the one you are using? You could ask advice for a natural product in Boots or somewhere.

    • smurf says:

      could be an allergy, try another one and see what happens.

    • Red Starr x says:

      maybe you are alergic to something in the foundation x

    • Abby says:

      This happens to me too. Its been happening ever since I started wearing makeup, and I’ve used almost every single foundation they have at wallmart. *There isnt a sephora anywhere near where I live*

    • Heather says:

      Same thing happens to me and my dermatologist said my nickel allergy is to blame. Makeup is full of some scary stuff that makes us beautiful, so beware! My eyes water and my nose runs, but after a few allergy pills (non-drowsy) I feel fine and dont have to worry about touching up my makeup all the time. :) Best of luck!

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