• What foundation stays on long without a shiny look if I have an ivory to beige skin tone?

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    24 thoughts on “What foundation stays on long without a shiny look if I have an ivory to beige skin tone?

    • kissyface says:

      Bare Escentuals mineral makeup. It’s a powder you buff on and it covers wonderfully. It’s not shiny, but has a luminous quality to it. It has natural sunscreen in it and actually heals blemishes. You can check out the shades at Sephora.

    • mir girl says:

      Nuetregena liquid makeup in classic porceilin (has 30spf sunscreen and oil free), with maybelline light pressed powder brushed over (oil free of course).

      i have very light skin and it works great for me, stays on for a long time, great sun protection, not too expensive, and the powder keeps it on without shine.

    • Harriet says:

      My beauty derives from within.

    • geoff d says:

      CEMENT DUST ! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lol

    • xghettobunnyx says:

      maybeline whipped mousse foundation is good! so’s the rimmell cool mousse

    • Yoga Rani says:

      Best is to get a powder based foundation rather than a liquid one. Many brands make them, I like M. A. C. (not hypoallergenic- don’t go for it if your skin is sensitive)

      If you can afford it, try a brand that is mineral based, they are healthier for the skin, stay on the skin longer, even when you work out and dance, are completely hypoallergenic, and provide a natural sun block. (a big deal if you are fair and prone to burning) I like Jane Iredale.

      Try on the foundations in the store before you buy. Buy brands that have a counter in a department store or even a drug store that is staffed by a Cosmetician who knows about makeup and can help you select the right product. Even better buy from a Salon/Spa where there is a very well qulaified Aesthetician/Makeup artist to help you find the right product for your skin type and tone.

      I don’t reccomend buying the cheaper brands that hang off the walls in the drug stores. You can’t try them, and you can’t take them back for being the wrong colour once you’ve opened the package, and they are usually cheaper for a very good reason, cheaper ingredients, that don’t wear as well.

      *******Use natural lighting to select your base foundation!


    • starfire says:

      Mary Kay foundation for oily skin

    • hanna j says:

      try going to cover were there are makeup consultants on there to help you out with all your makeup trobles. hope i helped

    • suzanne h says:

      Revlon Colorstay. Then finish up with Clinique oil-free pressed powder to set for all-day coverage.

    • globalbaggy says:

      I know this might sound dorky but I have just discovered Avon make-up and the foundations are really lovely. Don’t glug up or show up pores, look natural and don’t make your skin go oily. There are lots to choose from and they are priced really well – I once paid over $60 for a ‘designer’ French foundation that totally disappointed me. I suggest having a look at a catalogue and give a try.

    • cutie pie! says:

      ive used almay and covergirl both of which last all day

    • Spacey says:

      I use Clinique city base foundation. . I love it.

    • dmarie_0109 says:

      maybeline whipped mousse foundation

    • Marie says:

      The Loreal Bare Mineral powder foundation is really good especially if you hate that heavy feel of a liquid. It goes on evenly and it doesn’t take much. It has a matt finish and I have worn it for over 10 hours before with no touch ups. Also, it covers great. (ie: blemishes, scars, etc) If you do want to try it I would recommend that you buy a bigger brush with it. If you don’t like it some places will let you return it after you use it. (ie: walgreens)
      I hope this helps. :)

    • ILUVsoda says:

      Chanel multi-vitamin (sheer-to-medium coverage) liquid foundation

    • eascosmetics says:

      Try puritycosmetics. co. uk. It is made from natural ingredients and looks really good!

    • vicky s says:

      i use maybeline matte mousse foundation. It blends in really well with my skin and it stays on all day. i would definitley recommend it!

    • wishbearpink says:

      Max Factor Face Finity is quite a good one The colour of your skin doesnt affect whether or not your skin is shiny

    • !~princess-lip-gloss~! says:

      mac is brillian n u dnt look like a shiney barbie ether !

    • Ash says:

      I would try the avon mouse foundation i had the same problem as you have and tryed all the ones i could find but this one has been the best it stays on all day and feels really light and best of all it does not make you look shiny and is cheap

    • cake says:

      i use stay matte foundation lasts 16 hours and is on special offer in some places at the moment apply with a sponge not your fingers for it to blend properly. but the only way to stop it looking shiny is to put a lose coat of powder on top with a blusher brush

    • Pondering says:

      Hi I swear by Maybelline Whipped Mousse, its cheap (approx £6. 99) and last for ages. Once on it gives you a powder coating which stops the shiny look.

    • tania says:

      any good make mousse

    • Helz says:

      Try Avon – they are pretty good as my skins quite pale and can get a bit oily.

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