• What do I put on my face before/after I put on liquid foundation?

    What do I put on my face before/after I put on liquid foundation?
    Like moisterizer or something.
    (It’s my first time using makeup)

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    • SummerTwice says:

      First, you need to put moisturizer to help moisturize your skin. Sometimes makeup can make our face dry

      Second, put liquid foundation and apply it using hands, but I would suggesting you to use cosmetic sponge / wedges to help giving you the full coverage when you are applying it

      Third, if you have dark circle or any place that you need to conceal, you probably will need to put on concealer to cover the imperfection’s on your face

      If you dont have any dark circle, you could just go on with applying face powder and finish off your makeup with your favourite lipstick color

      Hope I helped

    • JessM says:

      Before putting on foundation—

      Use a good moisturiser- it doesnt need to be expensive, i use the vaseline one.
      Use a filler, I live in the UK and got mine from Superdrug- i am sure there are similar stores in other places in the world. A filler is just a clear liquid that you put on before using foundation or concealer. It fills the pores so that the make up does not go in. It is very good and stops you getting spots, dry skin. Also, the foundation goes on a lot easier. It is not expensive- mine cost around £5.

      Also, when applying foundation- i use a foundation brush, it means the makeup goes on much easier and also the brush just puts a light brushing of foundation on which looks better and also is better for your skin.

      When taking the make up off make sure you take it off fully and then re-moisturize again.

    • babii says:

      i like to put on just a pea size amount of baby lotion on my face first then then the foundation, its amazing makes my face nice and soft when i take off the make up. :) hope it helped you a little bit

    • Eugenio L says:

      I usually end up beginning inexpensive and trying out tons products. Do what seems right and I bet your gut will be best.

    • sugarcraver says:

      i put moisturiser on a freshly washed face then sunscreen (crucial to prevent premature aging of skin!) then my liquid foundation :)

    • Becki J says:

      Before you apply foundation cleanse and tone your face to remove any dirt or previous makeup.
      Alot of liquid foundations are moisturising as well so don’t worry about a moisturiser but if it isn’t moisturising then apply a moisturiser before you apply foundation.
      When applying the foundation use a cosmetic sponge as this will help even out the foundation and not make it darker in areas . Make sure you don’t leave a line around your chin so blend it in .
      When you are ready to take your foundation off, use a mild face wash.
      A cleanser is where you apply it onto your face and remove it with a pad whereas a face wash you remove it with water which is better for after wearing make up as the water will rinse out any excess foundation.

      Use a face wash and rinse off with water, and then moisturise your face before you go to bed. Don’t use a strong moisturiser if there is one in your foundation.

      Hope this helps .

    • cbear says:

      First, you should TRY (not all the time, only when you can) to cleanse your face before and after you use it. ALWAYS after, but only when you can before. Then, you want to moisturize your face, then apply the makeup. With liquid foundation you should probably apply it with a makeup square so you can spread it more evenly over the moisturizer. Then after, simply remove it and cleanse your face.

    • TRiGGER. says:

      Okay, young grasshopper. (: haha justkidding,
      okay so first you have to start off with clean hands and a clean face,
      then since it is hotter these days, I’d suggest you put on a toner to make your face not as oily, if you don’t have one of thsoe, drugstores sells a lot of cheap ones if you want, but it is not required to have it tho. After, you should moisturizer, no, YOU HAVE TO MOISTURIZE, if you don’t, your face looks like a cakeface and YOU DONT WANT THAT. And also sometimes it just flakes and looks so ugly. And then after if you want you should put on a face primer, it makes your fuondationnnn stay longer, but that isn’t required either. After that, you apply the liquid foundation,a nd after ALWAYS put a setting powder, any powder will do fine, even mineral powders or translucent powders.
      It will just make your foundation stay put and it wont go all over your clothes. That is pretty much it, to take it off I’d suggest using your face cleanser then your toner because your face cleanser DOES NOT take all of your liquid foundaiton off, trust me. it doesn’t at all.
      Well goodluck honey . (:

    • jessicaleighbaby says:

      Before, you can put on mouisterizer if that’s a part of your daily routine. If it is, you should wait at least 20-30 minutes before putting on liquid foundation so that your skin can absorb it. Otherwise, it’ll absorb the foundation as well.
      Also, you can use primer to create an even base for your makeup. For example:
      http://www. revlon. com/ProductCatalog/ProductDetails. aspx?CategoryID=1&SubCategoryID=3&ProductID=160
      or http://www. sephora. com/browse/product. jhtml?id=P9889&categoryId=B70
      After, you can set your foundation with a pressed or loose powder, to reduce shine and make your makeup last longer.

      Good luck!

    • Flona says:

      Before: Moisturizer or sunscreen lotion or primer.
      After: Powder (optional)

    • Something to know here.......... says:

      1. Moisturiser
      2. Liquid foundation
      3. Concealer
      4. Powder

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