• I have natural RED cheeks but want to cover them up any good foundation help?

    I wear foundation every day and I have used different foundations, but my red cheeks are permentally there and I don’t like them, It looks fine in the morning but when I go outside it looks like my natural skin. Please help!

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    23 thoughts on “I have natural RED cheeks but want to cover them up any good foundation help?

    • Geoff the skier says:

      Darth Vader has the ultimate solution to this I think.

    • leximac says:

      Revlon ColorStay

    • Lori J says:

      try maybelline dream mouse it covers blemishes really well.

    • Cat M says:

      hey hun just use a good coverage foundation the loreal infallible 16 hours is very good i have it, it hides a multitude of sins
      take care xox

    • Ms. Lady says:

      MAC is the best make up for you, it’s kinda costly though. . . .

    • ♠ Krystal ♠ says:

      Mineral make up eliminates the appearance of mine. Its good for the skin and worth the money. . your skin will look SOOO good.

    • Anonymous says:

      uhh. . . . i think you should go to Sephora and ask for help there. They will surely know what to do.

    • amelia b says:

      Green cancels out red so try a green shaded concealer. Use it sparingly and press/tap to blend well. Then use your normal foundation over that. Hope this helps.

    • Reads too much says:

      i use mac liquid foundation for my red cheeks and it work pretty good, you can hardly see the red, make sure you get it all off though, it can cause acne

    • chibichan says:

      i use it for my discolorations and it does wonders. its long-lasting,overall a great product.

    • Straight Shooter says:

      My favvvvvorite is Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline. It is by far the best foundation I’ve ever used, and it’s only $9! It goes on smooth, feels weightless, evens out skin tones, lasts all day, and makes skin look healthy and glowing! I swear I look airbrushed when I wear the stuff!

      I have very uneven and ruddy skin, and this stuff covers it right up.

    • Britt-Bratt says:

      Have you heard of the store called Ulta well its kinda expensive but i use their foundation called red earth and its awesome. it has a sunblock in it and it doesn’t make your skin break out. but it has helped me in the past with my red cheeks so maybe it will help you. but it is still a must to put a moisturizer underneath it.

    • E says:

      i have redness in my cheeks sometimes and i found that covergirl liquid foundation true blend works really well for me. even after going to the department stores and over paying for 40 dollar foundation i found that the cheap stuff works too. its all the same stuff anyways. i also use powder from cover girl. it great bc i dont have to re apply the foundation through out the day i can just do a little touch up with the powder and im back to normal. the powder is by covergirl and its like advance age defying something, its in a round silver compact. its great and the little pad applicator that comes with it, i swear is a miracle lol. hope this helps

    • Kai's Mumma says:

      I have naturally red cheeks too and when I was younger I used to hate them. Now that Im older, I actually LIKE them.
      Dont try to cover them over with makeup, it will only make it look worse. And the amount of make up that you’d need would make you look like you have a mask on.
      The best thing that I have found is to use a normal amount of make up and then sweep some bronzer over the bony parts of your face (nose bridge, cheek bones, abit on your forehead and chin). Only a hint, otherwise it could look too fake. Then you have a fesh, natural look with a touch of flushed cheeks.
      Think about it, people invented blush to have red cheeks. We never have to wear that!!

    • makeupyyyandpretzels says:

      I have the same problem. I wear covergirl clean makeup, oil-control, in ivory. Then I put some of the covergirl blue compact powder foundation. After that I apply my powder and everything, but with just the liquid and powder foundation is easily covers my red cheeks. I don’t like to use Mac because I think it’s just a waste of money, but covergirl is pretty good. I don’t know if it will work for you, but it works for me. ( if your wearing liquid foundation, maybe you need to try powder, or if your wearing powder, maybe you need to try liquid, or maybe you need both, lol. Whatever floats your boat and actually works for you! :) :) :) ) good luck

    • Emma says:

      Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse is great for covering up red areas, I went skiing once and got horrendous sun burn and it covered it up really well. Good luck!

    • Ang27 says:

      First make sure you tone and moisture your skin to help out with any redness associate with dull or dry skin and its just plain good for your skin. I would then recommend sunblock ( I wear this everyday even when I don’t even go near makeup) even if your makeup already has some SPF in it. Some people don’t like the extra sunblock but you’ll be thankful when you’re older.

      Then use a face primer, for redness I suggest Smashbox Color Adjust Face primer (designed to minimize redness), then apply your regular foundation. This should help you foundation out a lot in resting on your face and for it to last longer too. Another alternate is Laura Mercier Hydrating face primer.

      It could also be your foundation too. Make sure you invest in a foundation that compliments your undertones and do your research for what brands are out there.
      I am very particular about my face-like my mom says you only have one–so take good care of it.

    • Emily says:

      dunno about foundation but maybe try applying the foundation then get loose powder and go over the foundation, that could reduce it

    • g r says:

      i have the same problem. i use dream matt mousse maybeline or loreal make up

    • AllyLou says:

      A green concealer under your foundation would help cancel out your red cheeks but use it sparingly and blend it well so it doesn’t look chalky or caked on.

    • Joleen Noth says:

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    • Odelia Cecena says:

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    • Cornell Kolkmann says:

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