• How much does Luminess Air (airbrush foundation) system cost?@?

    Has any1 actually bought this product?. . . I hear it’s great. . . and that they let you try it for a month. . . but HOW MUCH IS IT??! lol


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    4 thoughts on “How much does Luminess Air (airbrush foundation) system cost?@?

    • shy girl says:

      OMG I’ve never heard of the stuff but it sounds awsome. I need to get some too.

    • taqadocious says:

      I would check out their website:

      https://www. luminessair. com/default. aspx

      There are two packages available: trial and pro, but note the costs there after if you decide to keep the system.

      I haven’t tried it thought it looks interesting.

    • Kat says:

      It is about $300. I do not suggest it if you are not a professional. Also, it is really hard to apply it on yourself. Even professionals cannot do that-

    • MakeupGuy says:

      The system costs around $229. 00 and they have a professional model for $299. This includes the airbrush system and a nice amount of makeup like 4 shades of foundations to create effects of highlights and conturing shadows, blush, bronzer and shimmers.

      In the old days, airbrushing was very hard to do because most makeup artists were using “painting” or graphics design air brushes to do makeup. This system is actually designed to work for self application. Pros can use this, anyone can use this. Check out their DVD. I generally can not draw a line but this is easy. Try it. You can always send it back if its not for you. Hey, go to www. YouTube. com and see the videos related to Luminess Air. Interesting stuff.

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