• Why do people with blue eyes and blonde hair almost always have fair skin too?

    I never tan, but all of my friends with dark hair and dark eyes (but Caucasian skin) tan really well. Why do blonde-haired blue-eyed people always have fair skin? Surely hair colour and eye colour shouldn’t affect skin type?

    Thanks in advance :) x

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    11 thoughts on “Why do people with blue eyes and blonde hair almost always have fair skin too?

    • BoiFromBrighton says:

      it’s because of their genes

    • paulFirst Name says:

      it deepends on the pigments in your skin the more pigments the better the tan. i have blue eyes and blond hair and i tan very good

    • Doshie says:

      Its all down to how much pigment we have in our bodies. Pigment determines hair colour, eye colour and skin colour. The more pigment you have, the darker you’ll be, and the more you’ll tan.

    • elllo says:

      i have the lightest blue eyes and naturally blonde hair ( even though i dyed it brown) but i tan very easily so idk but ya i hav noticed that most ppl with blueeyes/blonde hair are pale

    • Hayden :) says:

      i knooooooow isnt it annoying i’m exactly the same. . . i go red but not brown.

      it’s all to do with genes and stuff. . people are only brown if they have family who are/were asian/black somewhere along the line

      not sure though

    • IchigoUsagi says:

      It’s genes. Though I’ve seen lots of blondes tan really well, I don’t see many blondes with freckles either. It’s just like how blonde hair and blue eyes is a very common combination.

    • Lanie Beth says:

      It’s genetics, honey.

    • B_lu_bff says:

      thats weird. . . i have light brown hair and brown eyes with gold speckles, and DO NOTTTTTT tan. . . if ANYTHING i burn! i have light skin too. . .

      ( but not as light as i’d like. . . it just doesn’t look natural on me, the skin i have now. . even though it is. . . i SHOULD have very light skin. . . which leads me to my question. . . !!!!! PLEASE ANSWER!?!?!?!?!!!!!!! http://answers. yahoo. com/question/index;_ylt=AiknwFrf. Vgqo. e7WArfB43sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090614125209AAqxtPk

    • Theth says:

      My brother is blonde haired & blue eyed & medium skin tone & tans really well!
      My other brother is blonde haired & blue eyed with fair skin & tans really nicely too.
      My sisters pale, blue eyed & blonde haired but burns.
      I’m brunette, yellowish toned skin & green eyed. I don’t tan and I don’t burn!! I just stay pale yellowish!
      My friends with dark hair & eyes all burn & go bright red.
      It all depends, sucks doesn’t it. You tried using some oil or a fake tan? Garnier Summerbody is good :) xx

    • Marina says:

      It’s to do with your genes. Light hair – in your case, blond hair, is associated with chromosome 16 which determines hair colour. When this gene mutates it often causes light hair to occur. This mutation (more often than not) also leads you to phenotypically display light skin. So no, hair colour does not directly affect skin type, but mutations that cause both often occur together.

    • maddie says:

      i have natural blonde hair and blue eyes and my skin is really pale and i dont tan easy (if i stay out in the sun for 6 weeks and dont go inside i still wont get a tan) but my bff who also has blonde hair and blue eyes has kind of pale skin (her skin is still pretty light though) and she doesnt tan easy like me! but idk if it would be for just blondes, i guess brunettes and red heads could have kinda pale skin (but not very likely i guess)

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