• What’s the difference between dark circles and eye bags?

    I’ve got dark circles but definitely get enough sleep (8-10 hours a night) so why could this be? Thanx

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    6 thoughts on “What’s the difference between dark circles and eye bags?

    • Big red says:

      Dark circles are just that, when the skin under your eyes appears darker than normal. Bags under your eyes is when the skin under your eyes is puffy and swollen, sometimes a bit red, sometimes dark as well.

    • Julia Teal says:

      Dark circles are bruise like things that appear under your eyes,usually in a purplish black hue although some have a bit of blue or green in them. Eye bags on the other hand are when the eye puffs up a bit underneath about the same place as eyebags. They can be dark or red too,but most are just an irritated pinkish color although some remain neutral. You can use an eye masque to remove these although for dark circles try using cocoa butter =D

    • shasha says:

      Dark circles are dark rings around your eyes. They are induced by lack of sleep. Eye bags look just like little pouches below your eyes that looks bigger when you smile. One can have eye bags even when you’re born. This is most probably due to genetics and not the lack of sleep.
      hope that helps.

    • allgiggles1984 says:

      hw do u get rid of them both? please let me knw x

    • LovelyLou says:

      Dark circles are black under your eyes.
      Eye bags are when under your eyes are swollen/puffy.
      You can get rid of eye bags by pressing a frozen spoon against your under-eyes.

    • Treasure says:

      That’s simple: dark circles usually appear from lack of sleep. It’s when the skin under the eyes appears darker than the skin around it. More sleep will make them go away.

      Bags are when the skin loses elasticity and begins to droop and wrinkle. Older people usually has bags. The cure? Either an eye lift procedure or those wrinkle decrease creams.

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