• What colour eye shadow should I wear with this outfit?

    It’s a black and white dress with a grey floral pattern. There are silver diamontes on the straps and I’ll be wearing silver jewellry. I’m not sure what colour eye shadow to wear though?

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    13 thoughts on “What colour eye shadow should I wear with this outfit?

    • hannahVonShock says:

      I’d go with a simple black/white smokey look (:

      Owlll. tumblr. com

    • Angel says:

      I think you should do a smoky eye kind of thing. :)

    • ***You Go Girl*** says:

      Use a smoky grey color. . :)

    • Vicky T says:

      Hmmm, maybe a light flowery pink? Or a pastel color. Something that’d stand out if you wanted and maybe make it match the shoes perhaps.
      Or you could go completely black+white and do a black and white smokey eye.
      It’s your choice :)
      The outfit sounds lovely n__n

    • iloveh8ers says:

      silver and black, do a smokey eye!

    • TrucV. says:

      A natural and mature look or a smokey black eyeshadow look. Don’t go overboard, and make your dress stand out and make sure your makeup makes you look beautiful and mature, and if you do a black smokey eye look use a simple, light blush and lipstick/lipgloss. Hope this helps ♥

    • Alicia k Elliott says:

      Okay you should color your whole eye lid With a whitish color then for the bottom cornr of the eyelid color that grey then color the creases black from half of the eyelid crease on down then follow with your eyeliner and mascara.

      u deff dont want to go with any other colors bc your dress is black with grey floral. plus your jewlry is silver so you dont want any other eyeshadow colors in there

      goodluck ;)

    • Katherine says:

      you should use a light-ish silver base coat on ur eye to the browbone, then put light shimmer for highlite under the brow. next put black for the accent on the outer corners of the eyes and blend:) it comes out nice if you do it right. :) hope i helped

    • Me :] says:

      I think you should kind of a smoky eye. Put silver on your lid and dark gray in your crease. Then put a thin line of black liner close to your top lash line (and bottom if you like to wear eyeliner on your bottom lash lines)

    • Viviane Liao says:

      a black and silver smokey eye

    • jɑɪɱɛϊɜ says:

      Do a pinup look! I think that would look stunning!

    • Jessica says:

      Do a dark grey almost black on the outer corner and then silver on the inner corner having them blend together in the center. Or go with dark purple to light. you could go with any color really

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