• what can i eat or drink to make my eye colour lighter?

    i do not want to use make up but maybe eat a fruit or a type of drink but not a medical one.

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    16 thoughts on “what can i eat or drink to make my eye colour lighter?

    • Ahwell says:

      Where do you get your ideas from? You can’t change the colour of your eyes.

    • clare says:

      Nothing you eat or drink will change your eye colour in any way.

    • Leah M says:

      It can’t be done i’m afraid. Use coloured contact lenses for your irises or make up for your lids.

    • pusskinboots says:

      No fruit or drink will make your eyes a lighter colour!! I’m sorry! Make the most of the colour you have been born with! x

    • povertyathome says:

      It’s impossible to change the color of your eye by using anything like that.

    • ♥~♥Blondie♥~♥ says:

      sorry there isn’t anything that could possibly make them lighter!!
      colored contacts are great!!

    • Alissa says:

      I heard if you drink cat urine your eyes would lighten

      Seriously I’m joking put the cat down!!!

    • **Jamie** says:

      is that possible???

    • Penny says:

      You could wear colour contacts.

      There is nothing that will permantly change the colour of your eyes, sorry.

    • Hayley says:

      If you have eyesight problems, contact lenses should do the trick. Can’t you get them in different colours? Or so I’ve read somewhere. But yeah, I’m guessing that’s the only way around it.

    • Girrrl says:

      I highly doubt that eating or drinking something will alter the colour of your eye. You can try cosmetic lenses if you want to change your eye colour!

    • Psychic Pug and Manatee Lover says:

      Papaya from the Spring Fall in Brazil has a natural ingredient that cahnges eye color, but also when you eat it, you lose brain cells. I reccomend wearing non-needing contacts. You don’t have to need them, ask your doctor about it.
      Why would you want to change your eye color anyway. I’m sure it’s beautiful. You know the Brown-Eyed Girl story? Well, I don’t have brown eyes, but people seem to adore them, they adore them because of who I am, and what I like about myself. Please don’t change your eye color because of you not liking it. Your feelings will go away for this matter. Just believe in your inner beauty (that’s natural).

    • bebishenron says:

      when you say eye colour do you mean the whites of your eyes or the actual iris which is the coloured part.
      you can not change the colour of the iris however you can help whiten and brighten the whites of the eyes by doing a detox diet which means lots of fruit, veg and water for about 1 week. the process helpd rid the body of toxins and so brighten the skin and eyes.
      if you dont liek the iris colour then if i was you id just use costemic contact lenses.

    • Miguel says:

      I heard that putting pure natural honey diluted with water can lighten and brighten your eye color

    • Collin says:

      For me, eating sweet foods seem to make my eyes a deeper shade of blue, while meaty foods seem to make them green, however, you cannot permanently change it without surgery

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