• Is red hair and green eyes very rare?

    I have red hair and green eyes and someone told me yesterday that such a combination is very rare. Come to think of it most redheads I see have blue eyes. But I’ve never really thought about it before – anyone else with the same combination?

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    28 thoughts on “Is red hair and green eyes very rare?

    • ☼♫ Blond Violinist Ü says:

      Maybe. People tell its “extremely rare to have blond hair and brown eyes. ” Mostly People with red hair have brown eyes, (well the ones I’ve seen) and people with blond hair are supposed to automatically have green or blue eyes or something.

    • smiliemylie says:

      no it is quite common
      give me as an example

    • SquiggleJay says:

      Actually, brown eyes are most common with red hair. Brown eyes are the most common in general. :)

      I have red hair and green eyes too, but my haircolor comes from a box. lol

    • Tatiana says:

      Yes, it is VERY rare. Only 1-2% of people have that hair colour accross the globe, making natural red hair the rarest in the world (slightly more rare than blonde, which weighs in at 2%). Green is also the rarest eye colour in the world, but I don’t know the percentages on that one!

      And no, I don’t have the same combination. I’m a natural blonde with brown (almost black) eyes. :)

    • hopie325 says:

      pretty much yeah

    • QueenBean84 says:

      I would say it is uncommon, but not rare.

    • Simon M says:

      lol wow. . . thats super rare. . .

      red is the rarest hair color, green the rarest eyes

      you my friend, are super rare, can you show us a pic?

    • Bud#21 says:

      I think it is rare, but it seems natural like peas and carrots. I think it is cool.

    • Lady A=) says:

      I think it’s usually about the skin color, not the hair color, because usually people with fair skin have the colored eyes. But i’ve seen alot of red heads with green eyes.

    • Keza says:

      I have red hair and green eyes too never knew it was rare though.

    • Dan A says:

      I’ve dated redheads with brown and blue eyes. Considering that red hair is very recessive, it is at the least very uncommon. . . and very attractive!

    • WEATHER says:

      Depends on the climate . . . .
      If you go to Sweden,a lot of people are blond with light brown eyes,which is rare in Britain where blond people have got blue eyes normally. Red hair and green eyes aren´t very common,no. It´s more common to see blue or brown eyes with red haired people. But anyway,green eyes aren´t as common as blue eyes neither. Just take it as you are something special. . .

    • woo_hoo1111 says:


    • uplate says:

      rare and lovely. . . have seen the combination before but not often like you say usually blue eye for lighter reds and brown for darker reds. . . . green is delightful. . . you are very special!!

    • ~♠☺♫*♥!Lil' Red!♥*♫☺♠~ says:

      I think most redheads have blue or green eyes
      i wasnt so lucky and turned out with brown
      now i could have had blue coz my dads are blue but no
      sucks for me, lol
      you are very lucky!!

    • kaykay says:

      is it rare for a blonde to have blue eye?

      thats strange every red head i know have green eyes i’ve never seen a red head with blue eyes whoever told you that dont really know anyrthing about red heads anyways green eyes are more rare than blue eyes but most redheads have green eyes kinda like most blondes have blue eyes

    • Les says:

      it is rare as they are both recessive genes

    • Sally S says:

      I think it seems rare because red hair is rare, and as colour combination the red and the green are very striking. Also in books etc red hair and green eyes is set up as the ideal image. Generally true green eyes are hard to find, a lot of people with hazel eyes (Mix of green and brown) say they have green.

      But hey genetics is weird, i have red hair and dark grey eyes, and i’ve never in my life met a person with red hair and brown eyes. I didn’t know it was possible. And all my family, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins have red hair so i’ve seen plenty. We all have blue or grey eyes.

    • E T says:

      yeah, suppose it is quite rare! You should be proud of your unique features!

    • Nikki[[FXIN]]Nobody says:

      I dont think that because of your hair colour your eye colour should be rare
      its to do with your genetics and the dominant eye colour from your parents
      hair colour can skip generations but it’s still in your genes :)
      So yes you could be seen as rare but your just one of a kind

    • I <3 Pαяαмσяε! says:

      My boyfriend has green eyes and redhair (carrot top), it’s not really rare, but i think it is in the UK.

    • Summer says:

      I have natural red hair with green eyes and I love it!!!!!

    • CUPCAKE says:

      My mom has te same commbanation. It’s not very rare to me…

    • flygirl says:

      I also have natural red hair and green eyes. But I have been told that the shade of my hair is unusual.

    • taylor says:

      my mom has the same combo and and i have reddish brown hair with green and dark skin so i think its uncommon but not rare

    • DONNA MILLIGAN says:


    • DONNA MILLIGAN says:


    • Stephanie says:

      I have brown eyes & red hair. But my eyes turn from brown to green depending on my mood. So it’s not rare to me.

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