• In your opinion, what are the most and least attractive eye/skin/hair color combos?(more answers the better!)?

    What do you think are the most and least attractive hair/eye/skin color combinations on members of your preferred sex? Or you can answer for both males/females if you want. =)

    I think:

    dark blond/light brown hair, green/hazel eyes, light tan skin
    black hair, ice blue eyes, and pale, white skin.

    Dark brown/brown hair, green/hazel eyes, tan/light tan skin.

    I don’t really like red hair on men, and I am also tired of seeing fake blond women with blue eyes(or without blue eyes).

    And fake tans usually look stupid.

    What do you think?

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    13 thoughts on “In your opinion, what are the most and least attractive eye/skin/hair color combos?(more answers the better!)?

    • Greg P says:

      I think you’ve answered your own question. I agree about the fake tans.

    • SaraSCREAM! says:

      Black hair, ice blue eyes, and pale, white skin. Yes! :D I think that is amazingly stunning.

      I don’t like blondes with a fake tan, it looks bad. And when African American women are tan.

      Dark brown/brown hair, green/hazel eyes, tan/light tan skin.
      :] I agree totally with you.
      Blue eyes are cool sometimes.

      Fake tans make you look like a Cheeto.

    • Rebecca J says:

      um i don’t like red heads with tan skin and brown eyes. . . if your a red head you need a colorful eye other wise it just seems plane. . . . and tan red heads is odd. . .

      i like really dark eyes. . . and i love it when there is like a dark brown haired girl was pale skin and blue eyes the perfect combo

    • escape the fate says:

      for guys
      pale skin, blue eyes, black hair
      your description

      for girls
      whatever lol

      but yeah i agree i dont like fake blondes or fake tans

    • Jessie says:

      orangy fake tanned skin with bleach blond hair and brown, blue or green eyes. they’ll look like a negative!.

      extremely pale yellow skin with grey hair and blue eyes. . . looks unhealthy.

    • so_chaotic_bitch says:

      I love women with blonde hair and men with black

      Women: green eyes with dark brown hair and tan skin to wicked light skin

      Men:blonde hair with blueish greenish eyes and dark tan to light tan or too white

    • rah . says:

      On either sex:

      worst; black hair, pale blotchy pinkish skin, brown eyes.

      best; brown/blonde hair, pale or olive skin, blue eyes.

    • Sawa says:

      Frizzy Ginge hair, super white freckly skin and brown eyes. . . Gross—no offence

      Dark hair, lightly tanned skin and either blue or green eyes. . . Hot

    • Shannon says:

      dark brown hair, tan olive-ish skin, green eyes

      dark brown hair, green or blue eyes, tan skin
      shaggy blonde hair, blue eyes, light tan

      i think orange skin is horrible. espescially with platinum blonde hair. i think really dark hair and really light skin dosnt look very good, or light blonde hair with dark skin.

      but whatever floats your boat

    • Bee! says:

      i think the best is brown/blonde hair and blue eyes
      the worst is blonde hair and brown eyes – the brown eyes kill it. . . and it often means the blonde isn’t natural

    • maddy says:

      i think for females that the most attractive hair colour is brown, eye colour is blue and skin colour is olive
      least attractive is fake blond hair, green eyes and white skin

      most attractive hair colour for males are brown, eye colour blue, and tanned skin
      least attractive hair colour is red, eye colour hazel, and pale skin

    • Yada Yada says:

      The most ridiculous looking woman I ever saw was a very Chinese woman with blond hair. Second was a very black-skinned woman with bleached-to-orange hair. The most startling-looking man I ever saw was a medium-light skinned black guy with green eyes; he looked possessed. Unattractive/sick-looking white guy with very pale white colorless skin with dark hair and stubble.
      I think red hair looks good and dark red looks GREAT but the person needs to be covered in clothing so their pale skin doesn’t blind me. ;P

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