• How To make the whites of your eyes white again and sparkle?

    Over the years the whites of my eyes have lost their sparkle and colour. Does anyone know of a food or vitamin that can restore the sparkle?

    Thanks Ann (UK)

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    • Cookie says:

      Daily multi-vitamins, and there are special eye drops for that. I have some but I forgot the name sorry, you can ask the Pharmacist and they’ll tell you. :)

    • cinnastix_057 says:

      I know its simple but it really works, just use eye drops as often as you need to, they brighten and liven up your eyes. I use it every day before i put my makeup on.

      And of course the run of the mill health recommendations

      -good diet

    • lilmisslauz says:

      Hi Ann,

      If the whites of your eyes are no longer white I think the best thing for you to do is to look at your diet. Ensure you are getting plenty of Calcium and Vitamin C, drink plenty of water each day and ensure you eat lots of fresh fruit and veg.

      You could try using something like an Optrex eye drop to try and brighten your eyes. http://www. boots. com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10052&productId=9243&callingViewName=&langId=-1&catalogId=11051 or http://www. boots. com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10052&productId=9243&callingViewName=&langId=-1&catalogId=11051

      You could also use makeup to give the look of bright eyes – ie, use a white eyeliner along the lower lash line or try Benefit’s Eye Bright under and around your eye.

      Good luck! xx

    • LadyBug says:

      Some of that is simply genetic. If you find your eyes are somewhat bloodshot, you might check to see if you have any allergies. You also might have dry eyes- a lubricating eyedrop twice a day could work wonders in reducing irritation. See your eye doctor for any more specific advice.

    • Afro Chic says:

      For a temporary measure buy some cosmetic drops from Boots and they will brighten your eyes. I would not advise you use them everyday as they are not designed for that and apparently not tat good.

      For permanent measure do he following.

      1. Look at your diet
      2. Drink lots of water at least a bottle (about 70cl)
      3. Wash off eyemakeup each evening
      4 Last but not least plenty of sleep

      You will notice a different after a month. Worked for me.

    • Magazine&Londonx says:

      You can get some good eye drops in Boots which bring back the sparkle to your eyes and give them some whitenes which are quite good also Benefit the make-up range availablr from Boots or Debenhams to a gorgeus mascara thats job is to whiten and briten the eyes its a lovely indigo tone but looks black on your eyelashes also i heard (i know it sounds disgusting but it was in a magazine and a celeb was talkin bout it) brocolli juices (you juice them in a juicer) are good for keeping your eyes white lolx gd luck

    • yaleharvardgirl96 says:


    • Quia says:

      you can get specific eye drops for brightening the whites of the eye, I don';t know what it’s called but if you go to Boots or Superdrug you’ll see it, it says on the pack it’s for brightetning the whites of the eye.
      I think it’s called Eyebright.
      But don’t over use it, it can’t be good for your eyes.

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