• How do I stop my eyes from watering and ruining my eye make-up? (UK)?

    They water and then even my waterproof make-up starts smudging round my eyes. The other day I ended up looking like a panda! I use good quality brands and regularly replace my make-up.

    Please help!

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    3 thoughts on “How do I stop my eyes from watering and ruining my eye make-up? (UK)?

    • Zara Rose says:

      Well you dont really ask a question here. If you are looking for me to advise you on the best mascaras, Im afraid that wouldnt be worthwhile. I think u need to go to the doctors and ask them to help u out. Your eyes will continue to water until u stop it, so get some eye drops or something. You can fix the symptoms, you have to solve the cause.

      I hope it all works out for you :) xx Good luck :D <3

    • Kati says:

      It may be worth investing in a high quality mascara; I invested in a waterproof one from ‘Jemma Kidd’ and it’s the best waterproof one i’ve had. It doesn’t come off with gentle waterproof make-up remover though, let alone water, so you need to buy a remover with oil traces in it so that it can remove it sucsessfully. :D

      You’re eyes themselves could be allergic to what you currently use, or it could just be down to sensitive eyes, You’ll know if it only occurs when you use make-up! But either way, buying a new brand to test will be beneficial.

      Hope I could help!

    • rancid fan girl says:

      i have the same thing…it SUX in the morning when i have to go to school. what i do is only put on a little eye(to get that punk look…lolz yes im punk.:P)it usually helps me.

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