• How do I prevent my eyes burning with mascara?

    Whenever I apply mascara, by the end of the day my eyes start to burn like hell. It’s like mascara into my eye or something. When I laugh, my eyes tear and I think mixing with mascara and enters the eye, but sometimes when I do the ear event not in place, it burns. And it’s not the mascara because I tried like 4 different brands and types. Advice? Thank you!

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    7 thoughts on “How do I prevent my eyes burning with mascara?

    • Jen says:

      Get waterproof mascara. . and try different brands (even if you’ve been aha). .

    • Lady Guru says:

      you probably extended eyelashes too far. how this happens is you put on mascara so that its too long and when you close your eyes some of the eyelashes may fall and land in your eye making it rip. You also tend to blink more when you’re laughing, which is probably why this happens most often when you moquezj’espère helped = D

    • Hello! says:

      Your mascara is not supposed to do at the end of the day. It sounds like you are allergic to any form of what is in it, or you are using has expired mascara. I suggest you look in makeup hypoallergenic.

    • Natalie.XX says:

      Try not to set too close to the eye and try not to blink when put on, as this can sometimes mascara in œilhop which helped (: x

    • Jazzi Jazanee says:

      Have you tried a waterproof mascara, one that is hypoallergenic, which means that you have an allergy to certain types. . . it depends on the brand. . I found that all brands are different, no doubt Do not let anyone else use your mascara and always keep a tight top after you utilisée.Si you used a raincoat and / or hypo-allergenic brand of mascara and you more problems than it’s time to see a doctor preferably an ophthalmologist or family doctor will do.

    • Baby boomer rock fan says:

      It is probably the mascara. Look for a good brand hypo-allergenic. (Neutrogena makes one that is gentle enough, and what Mary Kay.) Also, avoid waterproof mascaras, as they seem to contain more irritating than other mascaras. Finally, bacteria can harbor mascara. Keep your mascara wand as clean as possible, and replace your mascara at least every six months, even if you have not used it all.

    • Charles Wene says:

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