• How can you get rid of a lazy eye?

    When i take pictures of myself, i have REALLY bad lazy eye. . how do i fix that? my mom said glasses? is that true?

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    5 thoughts on “How can you get rid of a lazy eye?

    • Wynter says:

      go visit an eye doctor and tell them about it. You might need glasses

    • GAVIN E says:

      You do need glasses with a lazy eye. I was wearing glasses since I was 2 to cure my lazy eye problem.

    • Ali says:

      Sometimes people with lazy eyes need to wear an eye patch over their stronger eye for a bit until the lazy eye strengthens. But this is something you might want to discuss with your optometrist, they might have less dramatic options for you.

    • If you say so says:

      You need to see an optician.
      They used to cover up the good eye years ago to make the lazy one work.
      Don’t know if they still do that probably have more advanced lenses now but you do need to get it seen to.

    • KIWI TEE says:

      go and get your eyes tested and the optitians will give you advice. If you wear glasses it is not that bad and you can get really nice ones. The optitions may give you this eye patch that you put over the non lazy eye so the lazy eye strengthens. Go to the optitions and see what they say.

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