• Does vaseline get rid of dark under eye circles if applied at night?

    I heard it does
    Well I have them, neither of my parents do, I sleep atleast 8 hours a night, I don’t stay up past 11 and my diet is very good and I eat lots of fruit and vegetables.
    I have tried this and I have seen them fade.

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    6 thoughts on “Does vaseline get rid of dark under eye circles if applied at night?

    • libratracy says:

      No the only way to help with dark circles is to go to bed earlier and try to have a good 8 hours sleep, cut down on alcohol drink plenty of water and wear a concealer in the daytime

    • Shelly says:

      I have never heard this before. I would be afraid all of the oils and greasiness in it would leave me with a bad case of acne.

    • Adria says:

      I don’t think so. My mom swears by the stuff though,She puts it all over her face & body after showers,so she doesn’t get wrinkles. And she is 37,NO WRINKLES!lol
      But i haven’t heard about the whole eye thing,sorry.

    • Jonah says:

      no that doesn’t make any sense. dark circles are usually hereditary or the result of too many late nights, not enough sleep etc

    • Akuma says:

      It CAN. Contrary to popular belief, under eye circles can be caused by lots of different things. Obviously for you it’s not genetics, lack of sleep, or lack of nutrients. So my next guess would be dehydration. Do you drink a lot of water? Sometimes that helps. Sometimes they are caused by the skin there being very dry. A good moisturizer there will make them fade, if not completely go away, if that is the problem. Vaseline will work, but I would suggest finding a moisturizer especially suited for this, sense Vaseline might make you break out.

    • sum says:

      Vaseline will only make your skin sticky application of cream with vitamin E and C helps in reducing the dark circles. Check out http://useinfo-darkcircles. blogspot. com/ for more info.

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