• I have a habit of wearing eyeliner everyday. Will it ruin my eyes?

    Ok so I love eyeliner. . like a lot. It highlights my eyes and make them look bigger than they already are. I usually put it on the bottom and top but sometimes I skip wearing it on the top. Will it ruin my eyes, like give me wrinkles earliar?

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    30 thoughts on “I have a habit of wearing eyeliner everyday. Will it ruin my eyes?

    • Candie says:

      it shouldn’t. Ive never heard of anything like that.

    • suziejoy revised says:

      not unless you poke the pencil into your eyes

    • thatgirlkaytee says:

      No, It can’t. But you can get infections from wearing eyeliner all the time. Eye infections aren’t good.

    • katieboo says:

      i think that’s a rumor. i’ve been wearing eyeliner for thirty something years, and i don’t have a wrinkle problem.

    • Freakin says:

      No,thats silly to think that. As long as you remove it each day you will be fine.

    • Mandy L says:

      yes, i have heard that it does make wrinkles come out earlier

    • Clueless says:

      of course not
      they will beautify your eyes

      but make sure you dont poke your eyes then it wouldn’t ruin your eyes wink** hehe =)

      also another thing about wrinkles, wrinkles occur ONLY when we get older and when our skin is lacking hydration, as we get older around 30-40, our wrinkles start appearing b/c skin is too dry, imagine when you dont water your garden, land starts to crack LOL same thing with your face, so drink plenty of fluid and keep your face moistured, eyeliner wont do anything to casuing your wrinkles unless you use eyeliner that sucks up your hydration which i doubt it hehehe

      so dont worry much about it
      and enjoy making your eyes big and beautiful

    • XoXoShOrTyXoXo says:

      yea if u wear it all the time ull get dark circles under ur eyes so try to get like clear masacara but u can wear ur eyeliner once in a while

    • Kobieta says:

      ive never heard of that b4 so i guess not

    • odd socks says:

      no,as long as you take it off at the end of the day,and keep a good skin care routine.

    • collagerulz12388 says:

      Not if you remove it with eye make-up remover everyday.

    • Karlii says:

      no, I don’t think that it will ruin ur eyes but you can infect your eyes by sharing eyeliner, or using old eyeliner or mascara.

    • poobear says:

      no, not at all! i wear eyeliner everyday and i luvluvluv it 2! as long as it is a creamy one or liquid with a soft brush and you dont tug on ur eyes, the skin will b fine. i stay away from gel liner cuz it makes skin a little dry.

    • Whoknows? says:

      I dont think so- loads of women do this every day- just make sure you take it off every night. Use a gentle cleanser which requires very little rubbing. Its the rubbing that will be bad for your eyes. Also apply some night-time moisturising eye creme at night to avoid wrinkles.

    • gumsy says:

      If you pull your skin while applying it, then yes, it will make your skin age prematurely. If you apply it carefully without pulling your eyes and you don’t apply it more than once a day, it will be ok, enjoy

    • young mum 1990 says:

      I have been doing the same thing for 4 years now.

      And yes it does. But I take that risk.

    • Roberta S says:

      conjungtivitis lol. Itll cause pre mature wrinkles if you stretch your eyelid if you put it on top.

    • brown_sugar185 says:

      No, it won’t ruin your eye. BUT make sure you wipe it off before you go to bed. My sister used to leave it on all the time, and it came to the point where her area around her eyes, and under he eyes got darker.

    • IceSCREAM says:

      it wont. . . but putting on too much isn’t good for your eyes. . .

    • ~Cat~ says:

      Only if you don’t take it off before going to bed.

    • heyitsshawna says:

      I own a skin care salon so I know a lot about skin. The eyeliner itself won’t ruin your eyes but taking it off can cause premature wrinkling if you’re rough when removing it. Just be gentle, don’t rub your eyes. I put makeup remover on a q-tip & gently remove it that way. I don’t know how old you are but it’s very important to use an eye cream morning & night. Eye’s are the first thing to show age because the skin is very thin.

    • Meee ... !!! x says:

      i use eyeliner everyday aswell =]

      it will probably only give you wrinkles if you pull your skin when you put it on

    • shorteee31 says:

      No it’s fine as long as you don’t pull your lower eyelids hard and down very far! x

    • Lee A says:

      nahh, it should ruin your eyes. But you may want to cut back on how much you wear it, and make sure you take it off before you sleep. (:

    • ♥мιѕѕ мєgz♥ says:

      No. . . If Your Be Carfull And Take Your Time Doing It Then It Wont. . . I Use It. . . Lol. . . It Shouldnt. . . !!

    • Jose J says:

      no i asked my eye doc that and he said no not as long as you dont poke your self with the pencil lol

    • kit kat says:

      nah it wont dnt be silly ok all of us gals look crap wiout it on so wat who cares wat ova ppl fink i dnt fink it wil do any damage to ur eyes but dnt wear it on top x

    • ;) Sablay ;) says:

      Well i wear it everyday for school, but not saturday and sunday :)
      Everytime i get home after school, i take it off but rub it hard so thats what i’m afraid of if it will damage my eyes if i keep wearing it all the time and rubing it hard ?

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