• How Do You Put On Your Eyeliner On The Upper Eyelid?

    I always put my eyeliner on the inside of the bottom one, and when the inside lid ends, i continue it until i think it’s long enough. But when i try the top lid, i close my eye but with my other eye open so i can see what im doing, but i always seem to miss the top lid, and i can never achieve a straight non-bumpy line! HELP?
    by the way, i dont mean the upper INSIDE lid, i mean above the top lashes. :)
    by the way, i dont mean the upper INSIDE lid, i mean above the top lashes. :)
    by the way, is it liquid on top, or pencil?

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    24 thoughts on “How Do You Put On Your Eyeliner On The Upper Eyelid?

    • <33 says:

      use ur one of ur hands to close the eye ur working with and keep the other one opened.
      then try to make a straight line as close to your eyelashes as possible
      if u make a mistake, erase it w/ a q-tip dipped in baby oil or water

    • MissJD says:

      when i put my eye liner on its thin for me so i stretch out my eye so it almost looks like im chinese or somthing like that then close it then put it on this thin line so its not hard when u do that cause its like straight n smooth almost i hope i helped!

    • kelly y says:

      what you want to do it they eye u are apllying the liquid eye liner too u need to pull tight to the side like a chinease person and apply if from the conner, the faster u do it the more straighter the line :D

    • cheeky says:

      Like this , look.

    • cutiepie says:

      pull your eyelid so its perfectly straight from the outer corner of your eye. Then go slowly and draw a line. Smudge with a q-tip to make it look more blended and get rid of any bumps in the line.

    • bridget d says:

      i use to d o the same thing and found that it is better to do it with your eyes open. try getting a mirror that you can hold and slowly go from the beginning of the eye to the end. try to do it as thin as you can and put your head as if you are looking up but have your eyes facing straight. after you have put the eyeliner on you can go back and make it thicker of you want. i think that the best eyeliner is the loreal. hopethis helps

    • Bethany C says:

      Well I pull my eyelid down a tad, then pretty much put the penicil as close to my lashes as possible, if you make a bumb dip a Q-tip in lotion and try again.

    • Alma M says:

      Well, when I used to wear eyeliner. I would slightly stretch out the outer area/skin of my eye (to look like a slant eye) and carefully line the edge of the top of your lashes. Start at about the middle of the eye to the outer side of the eyelid, it makes the eye appear bigger than if you start from one corner of the eye to the other corner. Also, when you begin, use less eyeliner on the inside of the eye and a little thicker on the outside.
      good luck.

    • dani says:

      you rub the eyeliner above the lashline. . . . . also you can get a dark eyeshadow and with a small brushrub above the lashline. it gives a great evening look.

    • izzlebums says:

      I prefer to use liquid, instead of pencil as I find it goes on easier with liquid.
      I put my finger at the outside of my eye and pull, therefore making a straight line, then, with the other hand put eyeliner on – easy!!!

    • ladyjaz says:

      you can use either pencil or liquid eyeliner. i would try pencil first or a glimmerstick (avon do one) like a pencil but softer, creamier. Don’t try to apply line in one stroke. start from outer corner and do small dashes towards inner corner of eye then blend with a cotton bud. I only do my top eyeliner about 2/3 of way across. Aim to get eyeliner between eyelashes – rather than shutting eye completely try holding lid partly closed to apply eyeliner. dashes work from inner corner out also see which way you prefer as you get more confident move onto liquid liner. practise when your not going out, as they say practise makes perfect – it took me quite a few tries to master it. keep a damp cotton bud to hand to correct any mistakes. good luck

    • nadia_afrin1 says:

      Hi. Yeh, most people use liquid eyeliner on top rather than pencil. Really the best way of applying it is by keeping the eye closed and stretching it with your hand. By doing that way you’re more likely to end up with a straight line rather than a bumpy one. Don’t worry if it does go a bit bumpy, you can always fix it later. Also another great tip is to make sure that the line is thinner nearer to the corner of the eye and slightly thicker at the end of the eye. Don’t worry, you’ll soon get the hang of it. Hope this helps. :)

    • .:xxRachxx:. says:

      i use liquid liner for a mid thickness line, my eye lashs are quite staright naturally so i dont have to hold them down with the other hand and then i just follow a crease in my eye to get the line straight and i go into a flick at the outer corner of my eye

    • Jen says:

      I just close my eye half-way and draw the line slowly, making sure to keep the pencil pushed down towards my lashes to help make the line even and straight against my lashes!

      I almost always use pencil eyeliner. Sometimes I will use my mineral eyeshadows to “wetline” (I mix the loose powder eyeshadows with a liquid eyeliner sealant to make a paste), and then I use a thin, flat brush with taklon (synthetic) bristles to gently draw a line and kind of press the bristles right against my lashes. However, I’ve never used a traditional liquid liner.

    • b-cabz says:

      I think pencil is way easier to make the straight line but liquid looks better, just dont make it to thin because it will go all bumpy and thick looks straight

    • Kerry M says:

      Use a pencil and do it with tiny wee strokes. Pencil top and bottom till you get used with it and always under the lower lashes!

    • Natural says:

      check the links below for beauty tips to:– * Applying Eyeliner
      http://blog. 360. yahoo. com/blog-gnA4Lmo_b7TZZTuzQA–?cq=1&p=22

    • XxKayleighxX says:

      I have been using liquid eyelier on my upper lid for years and have tried many different techniques but the one that i find gives the better results is to look in a mirror with you head tilted back slightly so that you are closing your eye slighlty but can still see and start at the inner eye and draw one clean sweep with the brush to the othe end of your eye, then if there is any gap between the eye and the live fill it in, but if you do it right you shouldnt have to fill it in.
      Alot of people have sais to close the eye you are applying it on and look with the other eyes, but the other eye cannot locate the other eye because the co-ordination is out, so you never draw it where you think you are. Another tip always draw with the hand on the same side as the eye because the movement will seem more natural and you will be able to see your eye clearer.

    • ...*$-F@Rz4n4-$*... says:

      Use liquid eyeliner on top and although you could use liguid underneath pencil is better as it creates a better effect. Pull your eyelid gently with your finger to make it stretch and to make it easier to apply the eyeliner you should try to lean on something whilst you are doing ti. Either on your dressing table in front of the mirror or if you are standing then put your elbow and arm leaning against the mirror for support. Start from the inner part of your eye and work outwards. Apply the eyeliner quickly in one stroke to make one straight line. Don’t woryy if it doesn’t come out right because it takes alot of practise. The more you practise with liquid eyeliner the better you are at applying it. Also if you haven’t got very steady hands you should use the felt tip type of tip and not the brush one and that is for people with more steadier hands. Its also much better and easier to apply.

    • vivvy_x says:

      you gotta use liquid eyeliner

    • GorGeous says:

      when you say upper lid. .

      1) Do you mean under your top lashes, under the lid. . ?

      to do this, u want both eyes open, just hold the eye your applying it to at the top, and just get your kohl and just draw, and your hand follows the line, do it quickly, don’t press too hard, and sometimes, just doing half of the eye from the outside in can look better than the whole eye.

      another way to do this, is. .
      close the eye, put the pencil where you’re trying to draw and kind of just draw! and it comes out good when youve opened your eyes!

      2)just above the lashes. .

      hold the eyelid with one hand at the outside corner to keep it closed, and really lightly, draw along your actual lashes, and it comes up on the top, without being realy heavy and too thick on the eyes. you don’t want to like like a panda =P
      x ml x -yeh, this is with soft kohl eyeliner, not liquid. .

    • enchantress says:

      see these step by step videos of how to apply liquid as well as pencil eye liner on the top lid. I think u shud experiment with both to see which one you are more comfortable with at the same time you get the desired look

      http://www. videojug. com/film/how-to-apply-liquid-eyeliner-2

      http://www. videojug. com/film/how-to-apply-pencil-eyeliner

    • VeganIndieGirl says:

      Use a liquid eye liner for the are above your eye lashes. Watch this video on how to apply liquid eyeliner. It’s very helpful.

      http://www. videojug. com/film/how-to-apply-liquid-eyeliner

      If you can’t see the URL above go onto videojug. com. Search for ‘Beauty and Style’ then ‘Eyes’ and then ‘How to apply liquid eyeliner’.

    • linzyb001 says:

      you can use either pencil or liquid or u gotta do is slant ur eye its much easier and u get a straight line everytime

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