• Does makeup cause wrinkles and premature aging?

    I know people who have never worn makeup and youth have a lot to the skin. My mother’s friend who is 42 has never worn makeup and very pale, and never in the sun and she has perfect skin, not a visible line! My mother is a few more years and she always wore makeup and sunbathing and sometimes has lines on his skin. I was wondering if there is a link between the port of foundation and aging? I Wear Foundation often daily, and I’m worried, I’m going earlier than I should. I continue to sunlight but.

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    15 thoughts on “Does makeup cause wrinkles and premature aging?

    • zac123 says:

      Yes, if you’ve used any kind of makeup it is too late for you. even if you use it once you’re doomed to have wrinkles and skin problems bad for the rest of your vie.Malheureusement, this is just the way it is. Well

    • aznbubble says:

      and the composition must be non-comedegenic not to cause blemishes. but they can catch the sun make your skin look older.

    • ~CeCe~ says:

      No, it’s all genetics, it has nothing to do with makeup. Some foundations are actually good for your skin and SPF have in them.

    • Preva says:

      to prevent premature wrinkles, just be sure to wash off any makeup before going to bed and try an anti-wrinkle cream or anti-aging that has soit.Garnier good.

    • Giada says:

      Well, when people say “do not go in the sun or applying makeup or you’ll have wrinkles …” I just think, ‘Well, I prefer to look good now, so when I’m 50 … “Furthermore, I intend to be rich and I’ll get botox haha.

    • Vera (the brave one) says:

      Yes, it does unfortunatey. If you already wear makeup try not to wear it too could damage your skin further. If you have not started it’s OK if you do not start wearing make up as long as u do not put too much on. I am 14 and I put eye makeup on the skin because I have a good and I do not want to damage it. If you answer mine plaîthttp: / / answers. Yahoo. com / question / index; _ylt = AjhY. HOZ1jim35R8mbME5VMjzKIX; _ylv = 3? Qid = 20090705144500AA1P3mi

    • Exotic says:

      Yes it does, but I remember reading an article once that women who wear makeup to help skin cancer and stains well. I guess it’s bad for you, I do wear make-up when I go to a particular location. I think if you clean your skin and the use of masks, etc., it should go. Moreover, most of 42 years does not look like that. and why would you have your baby’s skin when your 42 or 50 anyway? Aging is a natural process.

    • deaddolly says:

      beautiful skin is hereditary. I’m older and have beautiful skin and wore makeup since I was 16. I have very pale skin and never go in the sun w / o screen solaire.Cela depends on how you clean your face. Sleeping with your makeup on is never a good thing. I wash my face with cleansing wipes by Oil of Olay and let the water remains on my face after I rinse. I use Origins makeup and moisturizer and I love it. I’m a whore together, constitute and we tried all the brands there. . . most are mêmes.Je think the best thing to avoid is too winkles moisturizers and stay away from the sun.

    • Andi Analyzer says:

      As long as you use a good SPF under your makeup and keep your skin hydrated should be okay. In addition, the quality of makeup can make a difference and taking your makeup every night. Just a routine general care should help, it has for me for 10 years. If you use a primer, others come with SPF in them already. In mine it has SPF 50, and my makeup has another 20.

    • -Mr Z- says:

      Genetics mostly, but the skin can breathe is generally healthier.

    • Carly says:

      To be honest, makeup can be bad for your skin, foundation for example: diversion of pores. . . (But on the other hand hides the UN even out skin tone and blemishes, and some foundations have SPF which protects your skin from the sun can be to wear!) And wear eyeliner can cause wrinkles in the skin like pulling the skin down to apply it each time, makeup the other hand also acts as a shield to the side environment, but would you wear your makeup while your young and beautiful appearance or bear put and wait until your wrinkley any way. ! because everyone ages and finally. . . elactisity skin loses over time. . . then you’ll be wrinkley old and one day in every sense. .

    • iriegirl says:

      The worst thing you can do as far as their aging skin is sun exposure. Smoking is also very bad for your skin. I am not a dermatologist, but I think if you wear a moisturizer and a foundation that I have for the past 30 + years and have very few wrinkles, you give your skin a shield against pollution and harmful some sunscreen. Heredity also plays a role I think entendu.Je just because some people do not, they accuse him of makeup for wrinkles, clogged pores etc. As long as you take care of your skin as best you can You do your best with what you were born. I am not in favor of caking on makeup, as some women do, so many times less is more really. . .

    • Tuan Bonanni says:

      Hello could I reference some of the insight from this blog if I reference you with a link back to your site?

    • Joan Rich says:

      I am not a makeup wearer so, wrinkles and lines show the minute they arrive on my face. There is nothing worse than your teenage daughters telling you how much older you look than their friend’s mothers. So when a friend told me to try Made From Earth’s Olive Night Cream, I was interested.

      She bought me a jar online. How could I not use it? OMG. It really works. Like many things you have to be patient and not judge the results before the proper time, in this case at least 4 weeks and preferably 8. I started using the Olive Night Cream, I placed it by the sink and used the morning eye cream just after doing my hair, and the pm just after brushing my teeth at night. But I have to admit after even one week I thought I saw results, but after 4 others definitely noticed a difference. They were not sure what, but everyone said I looked rested, calm. and great. At eight weeks, even my children thought I looked good. Miracles never cease to happen. I love this product and highly recommend it.

    • lindsay says:

      It matters the kind of makeup you are using I suggest using physicians formula its great!

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