• Whats better, Powder, cream or liquid foundation?

    I have a fairly tanned skin tone and I have tried lots of different foundations but i find they always seem to wear off, in your opinion whats the best out of the 3 types?

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    13 thoughts on “Whats better, Powder, cream or liquid foundation?

    • Wifey says:

      I would have to say powder.

    • SSY says:

      depends on your skin. if your skin has biggish pores i don’t recommend the powder b/c it will wear out. if you have smoothish skin try the cream b/c it will give it a nice shine but don’t try the liquid unless you have dryish skin or else it will give your skin an overly oily tone

      i prefer the cream because it is easy to apply and isn’t icky-feeling like liquid or powder

    • Tina says:

      what skin type are you?
      if you have dryish type skin. . . you shouldnt wear powder.

      & have you ever tried spray foundation?

    • abby m says:

      powder, and i recommend Bare Minerals, the stuff is really good.

    • becca baby says:

      powder sucks. cream is the one you should go for. you should try dior’s foundation

    • Rissa says:

      i don’t use powder because it comes off looking weird in my opinion. i use something called a dream matte mousse by maybelline and it works pretty well. it’s light so it doesn’t look overly done and powdered. you might consider it to be a cream-like product. . . . i’ve never tried a liquid foundation, though.

    • Vanessa B says:

      Sorry to say hun but no foundation is made to last, what you need to do is go out and by yourself a little thing called a primer, its what you put on your skin before you use any makeup it helps KEEP the makeup there for a longer time and works wonders, and its cheap, but if you must, I’d have to say the cream. :) power comes off when you touch your face or on a date and laying your head on your bf’s clothes, (dont wanna leave a mark do we now ;))

    • punjabibynature says:

      i use cream and liquid . . . they work well = ]

    • Janice O says:

      I have tried all three and powder to me works best. It doesn’t feel cakey when it’s on and if it does come off it is very easy to reapply. I reccomend bare minerals. I wear it all the time and it survived a hot California July day at Disneyland ( over 100 degrees).

    • skybluecarp says:

      jeez, what do you wanna put that junk on for, from a blokes perspective, your better off without

    • CrazyBootyFool says:

      mineral powder

    • kikstartmyx3 says:

      I would recommend powder foundation. They don’t clog your pores and they minimize your pores also. (depending on the brand) some brands are even healthy to wear to bed! I would EXTREMELY recommend that you buy BareMinerals(the only brand that i know that you can sleep in and you can buy a “mineral veil” which makes it last longer) Its incredible. the link is below.

      Since your skin is slightly tanned. . you can order the shade of foundation that is right for you. . and can also by the progression in the same kit. (Say you get tanner during the summer on your face and you dont want your face to be lighter than the rest of your body because of your foundation!)

      Hope this helps!

    • Janie says:

      I would say a lose powder works beast because you can even it out and control how much you put on

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