• What is the difference between cream rinse and conditioner?

    I remember my grandmother mentioning using cream rinse. Is it just a term or is it another product? Is it similar to say cooler or freezer? Is it simply an old product? Thank you!

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    5 thoughts on “What is the difference between cream rinse and conditioner?

    • Me, Myself & I says:

      I remember my mother calling as cream rinse. I think it is the same as conditioner.

    • ProudArmyWife2005 says:

      The old call cream rinse. . . . Today, we are all just say conditioner. Some products do not refer to him as a cream rinse, but on the labels, but if you read it, it’s one in the same.

    • evon stark says:

      they are one and the same thing. . . creme rinse away tangles and just made you slippier hair when wet, so it was easier to cross. Conditioners. . they have different strengths and coat your hair to soften. . but they all work the same. . they modify the surface of your hair during the wet

    • Me.Like.You.Only.Better says:

      conditioner and cream rinse is the same thing tearms just different.

    • ibitemytounge says:

      cream rinse is just out tangles and conditioner is the state of your hair. . .

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