• what happens if you use hair dye WITHOUT the developer cream?

    i’ve always wondered
    what does ‘developer cream’ do/mean?

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    3 thoughts on “what happens if you use hair dye WITHOUT the developer cream?

    • Nina says:

      The developer lifts the cuticle to help deposit the color into the cortex of your hair. If you applied the color without the developer, it may just coat the hair but it won’t penetrate it.

    • Mads says:

      Nothing happened.
      Oxidation hair dye products consist of (1) a solution of dye intermediates, e. g. , p-phenylenediamine, which form hair dyes on chemical reaction, and preformed dyes, e. g. , 2-nitro-p-phenylenediamine, which already are dyes and are added to achieve the intended shades, in an aqueous, ammoniacal vehicle containing soap, detergents and conditioning agents; and, (2) a solution of hydrogen peroxide, usually 6%, in water or a cream lotion
      The applied mixture causes the hair to swell and the dye intermediates (and preformed dyes) penetrate the hair shaft to some extent before they have fully reacted with each other and the hydrogen peroxide and formed the hair dye.

    • Lois says:

      Shall I put it in more simpler form lol?

      Basically the hair will not grab the colour especially on white hair. . also it will not last

      The colour will not ‘oxidise’ so it will not go into the hair (and open the cuticles) and it will stay on the surface of the hair which will wash out

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