• Is there any lotion cream to make black people (me) go lighter in skin colour?

    Noooo I don’t want to be THAT light i just want my skin toner to be a LITTLE light, I’m not going into cosmetic surgery thats insane. I was thinking if you live in England any CREAM orginasation that will make you a bit lighter like a cream company e. g Vaseline

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    22 thoughts on “Is there any lotion cream to make black people (me) go lighter in skin colour?

    • garfish says:

      Try asking Michael Jackson, he seems to have got this down to a fine art!!! Just be happy with the colour you are, why try to change it?

    • katiegrace says:

      no unless you bleach it like michael jackson but come on now why do you want lighter skin?
      be proud of your heritage God made you that way for a reason

    • snake eyes says:

      Yes, there are, I don’t know the names but if you look on the Internet you’d certainly find some recommendations. . . I don’t know much on this subject but from what I’ve heard these products are very damaging to the skin. . .
      be careful.

    • life_and_ashleyxoxo says:

      ok ic now. Try using products like Oley. It brightens up your face and kinda give it a lighter glow. It takes away some of the dullness in your face and give u a new lighter look. U can find Oley anywhere. . . just pick one that fits u. Theres tons of them

    • skybluecarp says:

      dont even think about it, stay as you are its better that way, and considrably cheaper

    • snikleback says:

      If you think about this logically you see that it’s silly to want to deny your heritage and lighten your skin,when white people spend ages in the sun and spend thousands on holidays and tanning salons to become the colour you naturally are. be happy with what ya got ;o)

    • nuttynellie says:

      dont be concerned with what makes you ‘light’ nor ‘lighter’. . .

      look for a toner that removes dirt and is non – irritating.

      and focus more on sunblock. . my boyfriend is 41 but he looks like he’s 28 because of sunblock! (and he still has hairrr!!! TG!)

      that alone may make you ‘glow’ and give you that ‘lighter’ effect. .

      but the more you make yourself light because of whitening creams, the more you go darker (happened to me)

      lightening creams makes the skin thinner, becoming more vulnerable against the sun (in layman’s terms), thus makes you go darker. . and you need to avoid lightening creams because of the ‘spotting’ or melasma effect (white spots on your face-again, happened to me. )

      good luck! hope you find the right product for you!

    • PHILIP C says:

      There are lots of pills and creams – google is the step. Me I’d stay just as i am its natural.

    • John Arne Riise says:


    • bluegreenfavcolor says:

      Go to walmart and buy Jergens lotion. U could try it, it might make your skin lighter.

    • gossipstarrs says:

      hey i heard there is this kojic acid and this another chemical that will lighten your skin tone. im facing the same problem as you and i found this website. you go yahoo search box and type xtreme white . you’ll find the skin whitening cream website. im thinking of using that. i also went ebay and typed in kojic acid. many products containing kojic acid are sold there. DONT ever buy the drugstore brands like olay or nivea. it doesnt work . trust me . i’ve used PLENTY and no results shown till now. sure, it’ll give a temporary glow. but it is deceiving ! my glow last for lesser than an hour.

    • lyndapc1 says:

      I think I sound like a broken record. But go visit a dermatologist. There are skin lighting creams, retinoids that will even out the skin tone also. There are even over the counter creams, like AuqaGlycolic, that have a whole line of products. We treat many people of color, not just black people. And all are happy, but once again, it does not happen over night, and you will not look like Michael Jackson!

    • traciesisland says:

      michael jacksons got the answer.

    • db says:

      In the US, Ambi caries a fade cream and there is also a brand by Palmers.

    • victoria j says:

      im enjoying the 2 points anyway.

    • DILLIGAF says:

      dont be stupid.

    • cmc4794 says:

      okay. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IDK, my BFF, JIll. . . .
      Wow, that was random!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1 says:

      WHY !!!! Black is beautiful, now I am definitely white but I just love ebony skin.

      Use pure cocoa butter oil on your skin that will keep you feeling cool and looking cool.

    • fox says:

      it so funny fair skin people try to get darker skin while dark skin people try to lighten their skin color. as for you,you can’t do anything about it without damaging your skin and looking funny like Michael Jackson. Its your choice.

    • justflawless says:

      For whatever skin goal one is into, skin lightening and skin tanning are both inclined on the same goals – status symbol, health, beauty. In the present days, skin lightening and tanning aim to give solutions to skin problems for better jobs, even skin tone, or higher self esteem.

      Although skin whitening is more criticized in the United States than skin tanning, fair women would still be more noticeable than bronzed whites visiting Asian countries. Whatever the skin preference is, the only difference lies in someone’s cultural identity and tradition.

      The key to successful skin lightening is using sunscreen when outdoors. Skin lightening involves peeling and resurfaces newer fresher skin and thus need to be protected from the sun with a high spf sunscreen. But, even if you’re into a skin lightening process OR skin tanning, use of sunscreen is must because sun exposure has UVA and UVB rays that damage the skin.

      Here’s a good source for skin lightening products, used also by African American men and women -

    • Rosie says:

      you look nuthing like ur avatar!!

      n i dont think tht thers n e thing to help u get lighter skin. . . but who cares n e way? i think tht every1 on this planet looks great as long as they r healthy. . . plz dont make this as bigger issue, be happy with wht God has given u n enjoy ur life!!

    • Ms Miffy says:

      Not being funny, but if I were black, I’d buy make up and make the most of the beautiful skin. I think most people use coconut oil don’t they after a warm bathing, somthething like that maybe a product similar to that does make skin soft and keep nice even colour, maybe.
      Good Luck. ps I know for white people, lemon oil is the acid that evens skin tone, try mixing it in (with moisturiser) do it slowly, you don’t want to look like a chrome tap.

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