• I shave my head once a week with a razor. im sick of doing it. ?

    its time consuming and i am continously cutting myself. Is there a hair removal cream that can be safely used on heads.

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    17 thoughts on “I shave my head once a week with a razor. im sick of doing it. ?

    • Webballs says:

      Just use a shaver.

    • bossmanham says:

      Mybe you should just grow hair.

    • jattyjattj says:

      Use a trimmer set to number 1 blade it will only take a few minutes, or use a Zero!

    • Eldra W says:

      Yes, use NAIR. It does wonders. And your hair won’t grow back for weeks.

    • Enazzle L says:

      one word for you : WAX!!

    • valleyviolet says:

      call and ask a dermotologist.

    • VWLVR says:

      Just let it grow, it probably looks better long anyway.

    • naturelover says:

      Maybe you should quit shaving your head. There are hair removal creams for faces which would probably be safe on your head, but why bother? All that work for what?

    • Stacie says:

      My husband used nair for men, but didnt like it, didnt remove very well. . . so we just invest in the mack 3 vibrating razor, expensive, but very very good, and almost impossible to cut yourself!

      also real quick. . . its a green handled razor, just incase you were going to try it. . . the razor is under 10 bux, and a set of four razor blades are around 9 bux, but we really only need to buy them once every other month, unless i use them after him, then once every month. . there great for my legs too, cant believe a woman would even use anything but Mach’s!

    • innerninjainfection says:

      I think Nair would work, but it wouldn’t be pleasant. It stinks and burns a little. Trust me, I used to shave my head, and it is much easier just having hair!

    • funkucla!!! says:

      try waxing your head!!! I mean use wax to remove the hair when it is growing again. That way you will be taking it off from the root which will leave you hairless longer.

    • foofoo says:

      That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Sorry nothing meant by it. It’s just that I’ve never heard of someone shaving their heads just getting a hair cut. Well to do it safely why not go to the barber from a trim?

    • mrt says:

      bald is beautiful!

    • George B says:

      Why don’t you let your hair grow then you will stop cutting yourself

    • double d debbie says:

      maybe go to a hair salon and get it done, or see if they can wax it away for you.

    • julie s says:

      just let it grow and get your hair trimmed once a month

    • Furball says:

      Have you ever tried the HeadBlade? Its a revolutionary head shaving device.

      The only depilatory suitable for facial hair removal is Woltra.

      To slow down hair growth and make is softer and easier to remove try using Kalo Post Epilation lotion.

      Use the links below for further information.

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