• does anyone know if shea butter hair cream makes afro hair grow quicker?

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    5 thoughts on “does anyone know if shea butter hair cream makes afro hair grow quicker?

    • Danielle UK says:

      Nothing makes hair grow quicker, just keep spray oiling it if you do, and no braids!!

    • PoohBear says:

      the girl who said nothing makes hair grow quicker is the truth. shea butter does make your hair strong. our hair does grow about a 1/2 inch to a inch-depending on genes-but it breaks off so you can’t see the lengthening of the hair. so all you need is something to keep your hair strong or not breaking off like extension braids kept in for a month. go to longhaircareforum. com and they help alot with the growth of Afro-American hair.

    • ρяσ нαιя&вσ∂ιι ¢αяє says:

      No. It will not make it grow quicker in the slgihtest. Shea Butter is used as an intensive moisteriser, for hair and body. x

    • shylock says:

      Like others have said, it doesn’t make your hair grow longer. It keeps the hair moistruised meaning it’ll have a better just of not breaking which makes the hair seem like it’s not growing. So when it’s moisturised, it has a better chance of not breaking and it looks longer.

      • Brenda says:

        Shea butter is the best hair products for African american. Because we have a different texture of hAir and we need natural ingredients in our hair so the girl who said that must not have the same type of hair

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