• Cream to firm your upper eyelids?

    Can anyone recommend a cream to firm up your upper eyelids and upper eye area? I’d prefere to buy a cream from a shop, I’m not into shopping on the net. Thanks.

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    9 thoughts on “Cream to firm your upper eyelids?

    • Soldier'sWife says:

      Olay has the best eye creams.

    • Samantha C says:

      Avon do an eye cream that is for upper and lower eyes, different creams for each but come in the same pot.

    • BARROWMAN says:

      There is a surgical option called blepharoplasty which can be performed on the National Health Service.

    • Trac2100 says:

      body shop

    • Margaret says:

      Keep your money the only thing that’s likely to work is an “eye lift”

    • Chiara s says:

      probebly olay im not sure im young $_$

    • ~♡~♥ Peachie ♥~♡~ says:

      I use ALMAY(r) Bright Eyes Color Cream Shadow, It comes in pink and blue, you can buy it in walmart for a buck.

    • kizzle_11 says:

      Try Vaseline at night. It’s really cheap and retains moisture really well, preventing the wrinkles from further deepening.
      I wouldn’t suggest buying a really expensive eye cream. I just watched this report on a nighttime news program (dateline, 20/20?) about anti-wrinkle creams. Even the most expensive ones don’t really work!

    • Merle Spene says:

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