• My hair is falling out in large amounts, why and what can I do to stop it?

    Please help im really upset about this, i have been growing it and its getting pretty long but now i am losing handfuls of it every day, not kidding, its all falling out. It is coming out from the roots by the looks of it because each strand has a white tip on it. I recently ran a semi through it and was worried this caused it. I went to the hairdresser and they did a thermal reconstruction on it. It feels healthy not dry but keeps falling out. What measures can i take to stop this?

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    2 thoughts on “My hair is falling out in large amounts, why and what can I do to stop it?

    • ~ME!~ says:

      Well when u eat lots of protiens ur hair gets richer, and another good thing for this is try using garlic shampoo. It sounds wierd but its a really good thing when ur hair is falling out. My aunt used it and her hair stopped falling out.


    • mpjs4 says:

      You are supposed to loss hair every day so some hair loss is normal and the longer it gets you notice it more. the semi color would make it dried out . If you where allergic to hair color yes then it could make it fall out but it would happen in the first 4 hours of having the color done. You can take a vitamin with keratin in it and it will help your hair keratin makes the hair stronger you could also check with your doctor if your diet is off or if you are stressed this could also cause it and some medicine cause loss as well

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